Rail Traffic Controller (Auran)

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Φαίνεται αρκετά ενδιαφέρον, και η multiuser εκδοχή πρέπει να είναι φοβερή φάση.

Arnhem κι άλλοι σταθμοί στην Ολλανδία:
* High Fidelity simulation with exact 1:1 copy of the GRS-NX panel from 1965 (Arnhem)
* Setting and revoking of routes for trains realistic sound effect with the operating equipment
* 100 switches/turnouts, 95 signals, 145 tracks, 8 platform tracks
* Complete timetable with exact data from 1965 with international train traffic!
* Enhanced communication and movement order system
* Expert options with Catenary Controllers, Engineering Works, Irregularities and Defects, Train Delays
* Very detailed simulation of train operating rules and regulations and the reactions of operating staff
* 9 instruction movies additionally to the manual to explain the operations of the panel
Braunschweig (250 ψαλίδια, 300 σήματα και πάνω από 2000 δυνατές διαδρομές)
* Multiplayer (Signalling Control Centre with up to 5 Dispatchers/Signallers)
* Level Crossing Operations (67 are included!) with Annunciators, Radio Emergency Messages as well as their written Order procedures.
* Realistic Cab Secure Radio System and direct telephone lines
* Original Platform Information Display System with comprehensive punch card system
* Realistic operations with Overhead Line Equipment (OLE)
* Real dispatching with Time-Way Diagrams and Track
* Occupation Graphic System as in the real world!
* A ea with simplified signalling systems for single line traffic (VCVL/CTC)
* Detailed Train Descriptor System
* Special introductory scenarios offer a guide to panel operations
* More than 1400 Movement Orders for over 570 trains per day

Bonn, Gelsenkirchen:
* Multiplayer (company headquarters with several area managers)
* Detailed replica Switchboard Design Dr Sp S 60
* ID number entry and control console with storage facility
* Simulation of a attraction registration arrangement ZNP801
* Digital attraction fields

Bonn central station:7 level crossings

* 59 points, 71 signals
* 132 track circuit sections
* 970 possible routes
* Active railroad traffic (On the left side of the Rhine river)

Gelsenkirchen central station:73 points, 79 signals

* 151 track circuit sections
* 531 possible routes
* More comfortably, but mixed railroad traffic
High speed, high quality, low cost - select any two.

Up hill slow, down hill fast, tonnage first, safety last.

The optimist sees the light at the tunnel. Pessimist sees the darkness. Realist sees the train. Train driver sees three idiots on the track